Instantaneous temperature tracking, daily, monthly annual statistics, audible and visual warning.

Instant temperature
Use Oracle Database
Daily Monthly Annual Statistics.
Audible and Visual Warning
Full Integration with Ministry of Health Web Services
2D DataCode Support
DataCode Supported Inventory Tracking
Making Definitions and Inventorying for Each Wardrobe
Expiration dates of vaccines and medicines in the wardrobe.
Radis temperature control program and devices can be used to monitor the cold chain easily and the temperature between -300C and + 1250C can be measured in the vaccine / drugstore cabinets.

Thanks to the monitoring device, instantaneous temperature values can be monitored and measured values are recorded indefinitely in the local database.
The archival time of the data can be changed according to the parametric request.
The monitoring device has the ability to not change or delete information by the user after it starts working.
In case of exceeding the specified temperature values, the system may send a message via SMS + E-Mail warning system.

If the system responsibilities change, the GSM numbers and E-Mail addresses can be changed via the system. Different system responsibilities and communication information can be defined for each cabinet.

Messages sent for warning purposes are kept on the system.

Thanks to the system, users can view and report the room / cabinet temperature values that are requested by the space independent (via WEB)

Statistical and graphical reports can be obtained at desired date intervals through the heat monitoring program.

Thanks to the heat monitoring program, managers can see the temperature values at all points on the screen of their own devices.

The system is fully compatible with the Ministry of Health thermal monitoring web services. May transfer the temperature values to the servers of the Ministry within the determined period intervals

Products that are exposed to temperatures outside the reference range may be listed in cabinets where the heat sink is made

Radis temperature control program supports more than one user