IP Santral

With the RDS IP SANTRAL, you can do all of our stuff in the CLASSIC POWER PLANT, and you can manage your powerplant in a more friendly environment. INCIDENTAL AND INNOVATIVE OPERATIONS CAN BE RECORDED AND YOU CAN MAKE ANY TELEPHONE ON ANOTHER POINTS AT ALL YOUR NETWORKS.

By using it with other company software, you can make your users work more efficiently and efficiently. One of the biggest factors in choosing IP Switchboards is that VoIP infrastructure makes it possible to reduce the call costs by 40% compared to other operators and fixed lines. You can also save all your branches in remote locations on a single plant and save on cost of installing each plant separately. With the RDS P Switchboard system you can make free calls between all your locations. The RDS IP Switch is open, easy to control and highly reliable, unlike conventional PBX switches      The subscriptions communicate using the IP protocol over the network network. Your company’s LYNC (Skype Business), CRM, ERP, Accounting Program Customer Tracking, Fault Tracking and Sales Management, and many other programs and protocols can be integrated with the API provides support. In addition, the RDS IP PBX System is far more capable than conventional PBX systems. In addition to providing intrastate intercommunication, it also provides customers with many innovative features such as Remote Access (Android – IOS – Windows Mobile), Video Call, Call Log, Voicemail, Fax Server, Mail Server.