Thanks to modern data recovery technologies that RADIS has, physical damage,
Earthquake, flood, natural disaster, liquid contact, fire damage,power cut,Accidentally deleting a file Format discard, Reinstallation of the operating system, Raid structure corruption, system restoration, virus attack, hacker “Cryptolocker” attack and sabotage-sensitive devices can also save your data with a success rate of 100% according to the size of the problem.

Our company, which closely follows the latest developments, hardware and software in terms of data recovery technologies, is ready to help you always with your competent data recovery engineers. The technology we haveWe can interfere with all kinds of capacity, environment, file system and operating system from the smallest data storage medium such as memory cards to high capacity data warehouses such as SAN / NAS with experience and knowledge. Our company is in the field of data recovery with high success rate, fast service and possibilities of getting information at every stage of your business, Turkey is the company that has the most business and the most disc stadium.

When you look at companies that serve this area, data recovery is bumping into additional business for almost every company; The main fields of activity of the companies that offer data rescue services are mostly other jobs in the field of information..
Our company operates as the only professional data recovery laboratory in Turkey with its investments in this area.

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