Radis (Research and Development Information Systems) is a private company established to develop software on Dicom technology.

Radis services Information technology – was founded in 2011 to produce software services and technology solutions. We have been successful in many sectors since our establishment.

Thanks to the software solutions we have produced especially in the health sector, we are among the best companies in this sector. We have successfully managed to compete successfully in the global market conditions until 2015. As of this date, the corporate identity has been changed by realizing the growth targets and the professional approach approach is taken to the next level.As of year 2015, Radis services Information technology- A.Ş. We are involved with our new technological developments in the sectors of health, communication, agriculture and production. We continue to grow and learn in proportion to our growing partnership with the world’s leading companies with our understanding of quality

Radis services Information technology- A.Ş. As before, we will continue our path without changing our final philosophy from now Radis Teknoloji has been working on minimum error principle since its establishment. Almost all of the solutions we have produced have been designed to work smoothly for years without any intervention. As an institution, every new customer reaches us with the reference of our previous customer and expresses his satisfaction from the moment he started to receive service. It is almost impossible to get ahead. For us to know that, we give all our customers a guarantee of one thing. “Whatever happens. We will be there to support you when you need it “.on.  service we have adopted since our establishment.
The only reason why we are among the leading companies in the sector is that we are the best reason to print them, and to provide the best service.

Radis first focused on open source software production and after the success of the sector, Radis Teknoloji decided to continue as. Following successful projects in developed and developing countries, it has become a special institution that collects and works together with expert personnel who can produce quick and easy solutions in the sector. Radis Teknoloji is primarily engaged in software projects as well as network systems, local or web based network systems. Apart from special software, the sales and support of Radis Dicom system as package software continues at full speed.