There are a variety of backup strategies in practice to recover Server data.


Server backup is an important issue for hacking or infecting situations. Many small and large companies can experience database crashes from time to time
For this reason, the right type of backup application is very important for servers and databases.It is important to know the answers to some questions about the server before choosing the right backup strategy. The most important issue is that the maximum disruption period is at a reasonable scale to be tolerated. Appropriate strategy should be applied accordingly. Server Backup Strategies Proper backup for servers is very important. First of all, the method should be used to ensure the safety of the critic. In case of accidental failures, the rescue operation should be selected to minimize the waiting time. There are a wide variety of backup strategies for servers Choosing the right strategy will vary depending on how the company works and the area in which it is made. Full System Backup: One of the backup strategies used for small business and home Networks.Depending on the amount of data, it is done once a week or once a month. A disadvantage of this strategy is that it can be stolen by backup storage or threatened by malicious employees or competitors. Incremental Backup: A backup strategy that can be used for home networks with large networks.

This type of backup is faster
As the name implies, only the changed data after the previous backup is backed up in this strategy. Therefore, the time required for this backup is much shorter than the full system backup
Backup software with “archive bit” feature prevents old and new copying of the changed file
The “archive bit” setting is changed for data that changes in an incremental backup, preventing duplication Differential Backup: In the differential backup system, the changed files after the previous full backup are backed up. The disadvantage of the differential backup is the “archive bit” setting. Thus, the changed data is duplicated twice and memory waste occurs. Artificial Full Backup: A software that stores previous full and incremental / differential backup information by this applied backup strategyMakes a full backup by detecting the difference in the previous backup. The advantage of this backup strategy is that it does not suspend the server function while backing up.