In order to maintain the successful graphics shown in the Dicom project, our company has followed the growth policy and worked with experts on sectoral software projects and network systems, enabling many experts to work in the same environment.

Radis first focused on open source software production and after the success of the sector, Radis Teknoloji decided to continue as. Following successful projects in developed and developing countries, it has become a special institution that collects and works together with expert personnel who can produce quick and easy solutions in the sector.

Radis Teknoloji is primarily engaged in software projects as well as network systems, local or web based network systems. Apart from special software, the sales and support of Radis Dicom system as package software continues at full speed.
Radis Teknoloji does not have any cost-enhancing elements such as marketing staff or advertising costs. All sales are done through our references and references.
Radis Teknoloji works with specialized software and network specialists in different sectors. The number of experts who work continuously in their own organization is 45 and this number is 67 personnel with the specialists assigned to the projects.
Radis has carried out turnkey installations in many sectors such as factories, private hospitals, state hospitals, radiology and laboratory units in the manufacturing sector, and at the same time has undertaken service acquisition projects in the health sector, especially in State institutions.